Raspberry Pi: Hello GPIO


I  bought the raspberry pi ( rpi) on a whim when a friend of mine mentioned it to me in passing.  I bought it on ebay ( a kit for INR 4000 i.e. ~ US$80) – about 2 months ago. I initially set up raspbmc ( custom xbmc on debian for raspberry pi), and had it connected up to my tv, but soon the novelty wore out. It was then i realized that the possibilities were immense if you consider the GPIO ports on the rpi.

I have been reading up on electronics, and making a further purchase – a electronics components package I saw on ebay.in for about INR700, that included a breadboard, leds, resistors, etc.

I got the package today, and wanted to do the following;

1. get a single led turn on/off through the gpio on rpi

2. control the led turn on/off through a web interface.

Theres a bunch of tutorials, youtube videos, and more to help do this, but in the process of trying to do 2, i stumbled on webiopi, and the whole process of doing 1 and 2 above took about 30 minutes.

Heres a video of the same – not really useful, poor voice and more, still putting it out – because the countless videos of rpi enthusiasts, and electronic hobbyists, and more have been the shoulders I stood on to achieve this. Shoulders of Giants and YouTube university.

Video: http://youtu.be/y3u8AR2Bb-M

Some pictures:

1.  Led always on – 3v3 to positive of led, through 440 ohm resistor to ground in rpi.


2. The setup – RPi is connected to my laptop  – running Guest Ubuntu 12.04 in a Virtual Box sharing the ethernet.

 WP_000561 WP_000562

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